We offer the service to represent you anonymously as a strawman at an opposition or appeal
at the European or German patent office.

Reasons for using a Strawman

These are the reasons for using a strawman:

  • You want to file the opposition anonymously because you want to avoid a potential conflict with a competitor. On the other hand, you want to attack an opponent's patent as early as possible.
  • If a supplier of you holds a relevant patent, you may like to destroy it to have a second source for your production.
  • You want to avoid that a competitor recognizes in which technical areas you are interested in.
  • You want to file more than one opposition to a particular patent in order to be able to argue differently for each case.
  • You have your own patents in the same technical field and, by reasoning, you do not want to have any potential disadvantages to your own rights of protection.
  • You want to reduce the price of a licence during licence negotiations.