Using us as a strawman has this procedure:



First, you assign us to take over the case and we will file the opposition or the appeal at the German or European Patent Office.


We offer to draft the submissions in the written proceedings and to participation in the oral proceedings. On the other hand, if you prefer to handle the case yourself or by another patent attorney, you prepare the arguments & writs and we will file it at the office. This "other patent attorney" can be the attorney you presently use, which however shall not be in appearance.


We have experienced patent attorneys in different technical fields or chemistry for the oral proceedings. In general, we recommend that we draft or support you in preparing at least the last submission before the oral proceedings, such that we can fully support the arguments.

According to the jurisdiction at the European Patent Office or the German Patent Office, it is allowable to file oppositions or appeal via a strawman.

We do not only support you in the field of patents but also for filing trade marks or oppositions in trade marks.